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The series that tells the story of real-life heroes...


  • Who they are

  • Where they come from

  • Where they're going

  • And how our lives depend on them

Many Worlds TV shatters the notion that scientists are a monolithic group of old white guys in lab coats.

Scientists are heroes

cutting edge visionaries who will shape the future for all of us

Like their mythical superhero counterparts, scientists achieve the unthinkable.

But unlike superheroes,
scientists don't defy reality--they define it.

Scientists share another trait with superheroes: the public knows very little about who they really are.

Many Worlds TV explores the multifaceted passions and personal lives of these everyday heroes.

Fabiola Gianotti

Director-General at CERN
First woman to serve as Director-General
Appointed for a full second term
Trained ballerina and pianist

Each episode helps us understand how scientists see the world and what drives their constant search for answers. Through the lens of their diverse stories, we gain insight into the spark behind their creativity in pursuit of the truth.

The need for stories of scientists and science grows greater everyday as we depend on them to create a sustainable future for our species. From the biggest questions in the universe to the science of everyday life, Many Worlds TV shines a light on the vision and critical thinking that make scientists who they are.

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