About The Series

What the world is experiencing right now proves without a doubt that we need scientists. Who are these scientists, what makes them tick, and how does their work change the world for all us? These are the themes of Many Worlds TV. The series follows their lives -- both public and private -- to understand the spark that ignites their insatiable curiosity.

Like a juicy chef profile show or riveting sports documentary series, Many Worlds TV tells the stories of these extraordinary human beings -- stories which are fascinating and entertaining in and of themselves, even without the added twist that we can’t survive without their knowledge.

Far from the boring, nerdy stereotype, many scientists are also experts in variety of other areas like judo, roller derby, jazz saxophone, poker -- highlighting the shared humanity in our scientist cast.

The series dives into the scientists' deepest hopes, fears, and plans for the future. We'll discuss their common goals as well as their feelings about the philosophy behind their work. Their answers will provide viewers insight on how science (and by extention all of us) benefits from their work.

In addition to Big Questions, every episode will examine a more relatable topic from the scientists' personal or professional lives. From wine making to video games, from tango to rugby, there's science behind everything.

Many Worlds TV will present a vast array of scientists across all discliplines, many of whom have not been traditionally included in the scientific community. These stories will be even more vital to us as more representative voices take part in shaping our future.

Big Topics

Questions About Our Place in the Universe

Is there a multiverse?

Does life exist elsewhere?

Are we living in a simulation?

What's in a black hole?


How did life on Earth begin?

Are we prepared for pandemics?

Is this the next Great Extinction?

Can tech save us from ourselves?


What is consciousness?

Can AI know us better than ourselves?

Will robots replace us?

Where is Planet B?


Smaller Topics

Questions About Science in Our Day-to-Day Lives

How much is your data worth?

How does GPS work?

What exactly is 5G?

Is privacy dead?


What is the physics of skateboarding?

Why does wine taste good?

How does sunscreen work?

What is the code behind video games?


Why do men and women think differently?

How do our brains perceive race?

Has social media changed us?

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