Episodic Structure

Cold Open:

We fade up from black to hear a VO from our featured Scientist explaining, in their own words, what inspired their journey into the world of science. We see beautiful, stylized footage matched to their particular field.


Montage of our cast of amazing Scientists -- their work and their lives.


Will introduce the Scientist and guide our audience through their story.

Show Structure:

Each episode will play out as a narrative about the life of the Scientist. Through their stories, we begin to understand the world through the Scientist's eyes, to better understand how they think.

  • We explore the Scientist's heritage and the obstacles they faced. How did their early lives inform their path? Many of the Scientists are the first in their families to attain higher education.

    We recount epiphanies that steered them toward a career in science as well as people who inspired and changed them. We hear from parents, friends, colleagues, and mentors. We learn about the people who not only love the Scientist but also support their endeavors... and the unique challenges of caring for someone in this field.

  • We delve into other passions in their life and the often painful decision to turn away from another passion to pursue science. Unexpected turns and doubts arise as the Scientist navigates the incredibly rarified path to attain prominence in their field.

    The narrative is cut against interpreted images of their work, both live and animated, to highlight the profound effect their work has on all our lives and the ways their work will shape the future

  • We follow a “Day in the Life” of the Scientist -- in their office preparing for a TED Talk, conducting experiments in the lab, harvesting samples in the field, lecturing at top science schools like MIT and CalTech, giving public lectures to 4th graders about the wonder of science, and even testifying before Congress.

    We also see the Scientist in their personal life, including their latest tour with their rock band, their newly acquired nose for wine tasting, or their badass skateboarding skills. All of this provides further insight into the humanity of the Scientist.

    We see how they balance their demanding and never-ending work load with their home life and their passion for sharing science with the rest of us.

    Finally, we arrive at the “a ha moment” when the Scientist realizes what their life’s work will be about -- the pursuit of truth.

  • The Scientist will then introduce another Expert who is organically connected to our Scientist in some way -- perhaps related to their additional passions. It could be the Scientist's favorite chef, their elite level sports coach, or a scientist in a different discipline who they admire. By pairing the Scientist with another Expert, we gain even more insight into the mind of our Scientist and learn what excites them.

  • At the close of each episode, the Host and the Scientist summarize the Scientist's amazing work. Whether it’s finding life elsewhere in the Universe, discovering a revolutionary vaccine, or making the perfect glass of wine, we discuss the Scientist's dreams for the future, inspiring viewers to engage in more critical thinking.

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