Meet the Scientists

Many Worlds TV features a collection of out-of-the-box scientists from around the world. Their common denominator? An insatiable passion to know more, to keep discovering.

Jessie Christiansen at Palomar Ob

Jessie Christiansen

Astronomer, NASA

  • Discovers exoplanets
  • Deputy Science Lead at the NASA Exoplanet Archive
  • Women in STEM mentor and science communicator
  • First generation college student
  • Mom of twins
Ray Burks

Raychelle Burks

Analytical Chemist, American University

  • Develops real-life CSI tests for explosives and narcotics
  • Criminology researcher
  • Award-winning science communicator
  • First generation college student
Michael Habib USC Assistant Professor of Cell and Neurobiology photographed at the Natural History Museum, of Los Angeles County, Tuesday, September 15, 2014, in Los Angeles, California. (USC Photo/ Gus Ruelas)

Michael Habib

Paleontologist, USC & Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

  • Digs for dinosaur bones
  • Teaches gross anatomy to medical students
  • Combines art and science to re-imagine long-dead creatures
  • Named one of the 2014 Brilliant Ten in Popular Science
Ashley Sanderlin

Ashley H. Sanderlin

Neuroscientist, Wake Forest Baptist Health

  • Researches the relationship between diet, sleep & Alzheimer's
  • First African American to attain a PhD in Neuroscience at Michigan State University
  • First generation college student
  • Mother of two

Caroline Solomon

Biological Oceanography, Gallaudet University

  • Researches the effects of human activity on waterways
  • Deaf since infancy
  • Created the signs for scientific terms in American Sign Language
  • Named one of NPR's "50 Great Teachers"
  • Mother

Sean Carroll

Theoretical Physicist

  • Explores the beginnings of the universe and the arrow of time
  • Host of the popular podcast Mindscape
  • NY Times best-selling author of four popular science books
  • Champion poker player
  • First generation college student
Chung-Pei Ma, a UC Berkeley professor of astronomy and head of the Massive Survey

Chung-Pei Ma

Astrophysicist, University of California, Berkeley

  • Discovered several of the largest known black holes
  • Gifted, conservatory trained violinist
  • Immigrated from Taipei

Itzel Marquez

Chemical Engineer, Central Michigan University

  • Designs sustainable technology for wastewater treatment
  • Vocal advocate for LGBTQAI+ in science
  • Immigrated from Mexico
Juan Gilbert

Juan Gilbert

Human Centered Computing, University of Florida

  • Built a universal design voting machine
  • Uses technology to solve real-world problems
  • Heads the Human Experience Research Laboratory
  • First generation college student
  • Father of two

Ellen Ochoa

Veteran Astronaut, NASA

  • First Hispanic woman to go to space
  • First Hispanic director and second female director of Johnson Space Center
  • Research engineer and patent-holding inventor
  • Mother of two
Konstantin Batygin

Konstantin Batygin

Planetary Scientist, CalTech

  • Discovered Planet 9
  • Second generation scientist
  • Immigrated from Russia
  • Plays guitar in his rock band, The Seventh Season

Kizzmekia Corbett

Viral Immunologist, Harvard University and NIH

  • Central to the development of the Moderna mRNA vaccine
  • Responsible for the fastest vaccine development in history
  • Time's 2021 "Time100 Next," her profile penned by Dr. Fauci
  • Auntie

Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist, Stanford University

  • Discovered a method to partially reverse blindness
  • Second generation scientist
  • Formerly homeless, high school drop-out
  • Popular podcast host and social media presence (518k followers)

Bistra Dilkina

Computer Scientist, USC

  • Solves real-world climate change issues with computer modeling
  • Uses AI to preserve biodiversity and develop urban planning
  • Leader in the newly emerging field of Computational Sustainability

Stephon Alexander

Cosmologist, Brown University

  • Uses music theory to explain string theory
  • Immigrated from Trinidad
  • Professional jazz saxophonist
  • First generation college student
Dawnn Karen

Dawnn Karen

Fashion Psychologist

  • Model and practicing psychotherapist
  • Created the Fashion Psychology field
  • The youngest and first Black female psychology professor at the Fashion Institute in NYC

Andrew Rader

Aerospace Engineer, Space X

  • Works on top secret missions at SpaceX
  • Author of books for adults and children
  • Game designer
  • 2013 Winner of Canada's Greatest Know-It-All

Nadine Burke Harris

Physician, State of California

  • California Surgeon General
  • Award-winning pediatrician
  • Researches adverse childhood experiences public health
  • Popular TED speaker
  • Author of The Deepest Well
Zhongwen Zhan

Zhongwen Zhan

Seismologist, CalTech

  • Develops early warning systems for earthquakes
  • Named one of Science News 10 young scientists who are pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry
  • Immigrated to the US from China

Janna Levin

Theoretical Cosmologist, Barnard College

  • Hunts for black holes and gravitational waves
  • Award-winning novelist and author of two books
  • First female presenter on NOVA in 35 years
  • Chair and Founding Director at Pioneer Works
  • Mom
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